Its Kinley, Addanlyn, and Ruby’s world I just follow them around like paparazzi.


I’m Tia.

And this is my journey! I’ve never been able to keep up with a baby book or scrapbook so maybe a blog is my niche. I love following behind my kids with my iphone (reason #1 on why it has been cracked 6 times). I feel like I have so many experiences to share and I hope others will be able to read my blog and be able to get my witty humor and maybe some great tips along the way. More times than I can count I get asked ‘how do you do it’ ‘where did you find that’ ‘how do you like’ so here is one place I can share my every experience!

3I am the mother of THREE girls. Yes, three. No, we do not plan on having a boy, lol.

Im a southern girl turned city girl living in Annapolis with my knock-out, tall, dark, and handsome¬†husband. He’s the only man that could put up with me and I not end up on Dateline TV, lol.


Sooo.. you wanna know about mwah? Well.. here’s some cool facts..

  1. I love Disney World. Like seriously LOVE everything Disney. I do not go for my kids. Its totally my vacation lol.
  2.  I hate coffee. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. HOW DO I SURVIVE? No, idea. I have never liked the smell so the taste has never been appealing.
  3. I am obsessed with strollers and diaper bags. My husband thinks I’m crazy but don’t all moms obsess over diaper bags and strollers?
  4. I can’t say ‘orange’. My husband makes fun of me so I avoid that word like the plague.
  5. I once saw Coolio in the mall and made eye contact and he waved.

Basically, I’m just a SAHM trying to make it through the trenches of the terrible ones, threes, and sevens.. while keeping everyone alive.


I’d love to talk with you!! You can contact me at tia2563@yahoo.com