DIY – TuTu Skirt

How cute is a little girl in a tutu?! With three little girls I’ve made my share of tutus. My girls love tutus for holidays. It adds a bit of drama. Making a tutu is super easy and cheap. My two favorite things for a DIY project lol.


What you need?

6″ rolls of tulle (each roll is usually 25 yards)- You can use as many colors as you like.

2 Pieces of Cardboard

I just wrap the ribbon around the waist and tie a bow to get the measurements for the waist.

You can find a piece of cardboard around the house. Cereal box or any box from one of your many late night online shopping sprees works perfect. Lol. You’re going to cut the box so that you have enough width wise to wrap your tulle around it. The length needs to be 1/2 in longer than the length of your desired tutu. So, the cardboard I used was 12″x 8.5″.

Now cut the tulle. You will need approx 48 strips of tulle for a 15″ tutu. The cardboard makes it easy to cut. Do not just go crazy cutting the tulle. You will have jagged uneven tulle.

Take your first color of tulle and place the end of the tulle at the end of the cardboard (both pieces will be placed together) then wrap it around the cardboard (the side that is the length you want your tutu +1/2″) continue to wrap around your board until the number of times it is fully wrapped around the board equals the number of strips you need. So if I do one color I will make 48 full wraps around the board. If I do two colors I will do 24 full wraps around the board, three colors, 16 full wraps, etc.

Now cut down the side of the cardboard you started the wrapping on by sliding the scissors between the two pieces of cardboard which will allow you to cut straight across the the wrapped layers of tulle with no jagged edges. Now you have a pile of pieces of tulle that are double + 1″ longer than your desired tutu length.

Wrap the tulle around the ribbon. Sometimes I wrap one at a time but if you really want a full tutu you can use three. You can use more or less to get your desired fullness.

Take the 3 layers of tulle, if using multiple colors use one of each, and lay them on top of each other and fold them all in half. Take the folded middle part and side it under the elastic about an inch. Now take the tails of the tulle and pull them over the ribbon and through the loop and gently tighten to form a knot.

DO NOT. I repeat. DO NOT tighten your tulle too much on the ribbon. You will stretch it out. Just tighten it enough to be snug but not crushing. Repeat until your ribbon is full.

Now fluff the tutu and you have the perfect piece to wow for say St. Patrick’s Day!

Shirt and leotard @dreambiglittleco

Bows @sweetpeaandmebows



I'm a photo taking, home schooling, mom of three girls mom.

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