How to: Cupcake Decorating Station

We spent our Valentines Day at our homeschool event! I was incharge of the make your own cupcake station. So if you’re looking for a super easy mess free cupcake decorating station? You’ve come to the right place! Kinley being homeschooled means 47 kids between the ages of 6-11.


I needed to figure out a way for the younger kids to be able to be self sufficient and allow the older kids the chance to be creative. I purchased two packs of party bags, cups, and lids from party city.


I sorted out the toppings and icing into cups. In each bag I included 3 cups (sprinkles, candy, and icing) along with the spoon to spread the icing.


It made for a super easy day for me. I didn’t have to stand guard over the topping, no worries over the amount of icing, and the clean up was a breeze.


Cupcakes and kids. Is there a cuter combination?! This is the face of an 8 year old who stuffs a whole cupcake in their mouth lol.




I'm a photo taking, home schooling, mom of three girls mom.

5 thoughts on “How to: Cupcake Decorating Station

  1. This is such a cute idea. I like how you separated up the candies into little containers. Otherwise I can picture kids just grabbing handfuls of candies! My kids would love this!


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