Mom life at its best…

C2676B90-BBD7-4D78-BACF-F8A4F516F447My name was called so many times that I’m sure I’ll hear it in my sleep. The echo of ‘MOMMMMM’. Or ‘Can I’. Oh and the best one.. ‘Can I have a snack?’  How many snacks can these little humans eat? I ran around like a crazy person today. Kinley’s turning 8 on Saturday so she requested to have a Princess Photoshoot. I still needed to take Valentine pictures so I decided to kill two birds with one stone! That wasn’t the best idea… The house is destroyed and the kids went crazy the whole day. The day was so crazy that I forgot to put anything in the fridge to thaw so around 6:30 when I realized this I was in a panic. Fast food it would be. I left everyone home and off I went. Sweet alone time. Driving with music your kids can’t listen to alone is amazing. I drove through the drive thru, ordered, and drove up. I give the employee my card and I’m sitting in the window scrolling my phone and listening to the music. The employee gives me the food and my card and closes the window. I sit there scrolling my phone jamming to R. Kelly radio. I sit there some more. The employee comes to the window and ask if I ordered two chicken sandwiches and a chicken nugget. I say, ‘yes.’ and look at him. He looks at me and I look at him. He closes the window. I continue to sit there and scroll my phone and nod my head to the music. The employee comes to the window AGAIN and ask did I get two chicken sandwiches. I say a little louder, ‘Yes!’ He says, ‘Well I gave them to you 15 minutes ago.’ I instantly die. I sat in that drive thru window for 15 minutes scrolling my phone and listening to the radio with the food beside me while three employees stood there and watched wondering why the heck this crazy lady was sitting in the mini van in the drive thru. Motherhood has officially made me crazy.



I'm a photo taking, home schooling, mom of three girls mom.

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