DIY Dollhouse

I hate over priced character merchandise. HATE.  Christmas rolled around I had two little girls begging Santa for a Barbie DreamHouse. Why oh why? They had a perfectly good dollhouse! Why do they need that overly pink plastic junk?! Okay. Their dollhouse had seen better days. So I looked around for dollhouses and fell in love with a beautiful classic wooden dollhouse. It was amazing. Panel roof and classic design with beautiful features.

But alas on Christmas Day under the tree sat a Barbie DreamHouse complete with pull out pool and roll up garage.

So.. what to do with their old dollhouse?!

That beautiful white dollhouse with midnight black roof popped into my head and Bingo! I had the idea to DIY that dollhouse and make them a Shopping Center to play with their (hideous) pink dollhouse.

(And to prove Mom was right.)

So here the saga begins..


Each floor will be a different shop…

Ground Floor: Bakery

Second Floor: Grocery Store

Top Floor: Boutique

Now for names..

If you have an name suggestions Be sure to leave them in the reply’s!

-T. Wright


I'm a photo taking, home schooling, mom of three girls mom.

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