Indoor Fun Maryland

What’s there to do when the weather commands you stay indoors? Here are 10 fun indoor activities for kids.

16174471_1542430059119962_6235081022338177769_n (1)1. Head to Port Discovery in Baltimore for it’s amazing some fun

2. Try for a strike at one of Maryland’s numerous bowling alleys.

3.  Go beyond bowling at Dave and Busters, which also has cool games, billiards, and a restaurant to occupy some time.


4. Give rock climbing a try at Climb Zone. They have two locations and have bounce houses for the younger siblings not quite ready to climb.


5. Even if it’s too cold to skate outside, you still can twirl around an indoor ice skating rink.

6. Settle in for no-cost storytimes at the local libraries.. FREE



7. Let the kids get their crazies out at a local indoor trampoline park or bounce house.

8. Immerse yourself in all things fish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

9.  Get geeky at the Maryland Science Center. 

10. And if all else fails hit one of the many mall play places!


I'm a photo taking, home schooling, mom of three girls mom.

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