Strawberry Picking In Maryland

Its that time of year where you get the itch to venture out into the great outdoors and pick some fresh strawberries. Here in Maryland we are lucky that there are so many great ‘Pick Your Own’ spots to choose from.


We chose Chases produce in Davidsonville Md for our recent trip. Its a great no frills U-Pick. You arrive to the sights of covered tables full of buckets and picked strawberries for sale.


You then get a quick tutorial from Mr. Chase himself. The girls had a great time picking even though the recent rain had ruined many of the strawberries. We walked away with quite a bit of strawberries for 9$.


Before you head out to start pick’n you might want to know..

  1. Small berries are often the most flavorful.
  2. Unripe strawberries will NOT ripen once picked.
  3. U-Pick farms usually sell strawberries by the pound.


Mt. Airy U-Pick Farm : Open everyday except Sundays from 9-2 and Tuesdays from 4-7. Strawberries are 2.25 per pound

Other strawberry patches in the area:

Country Aire Farms : Open everyday from 9-6pm. 631 W Bay Front Rd. Lothian

Jones Produce Farm Monday : Open Saturday 9am-7pm ; Sunday 9am-6pm

Swann Farms : Open everyday 9am-2pm 7740 Swan Lane Owing

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