A baby and her shoes

My very first post and what am I going to talk about? Something that I seriously LOVE. Freshly Picked! Just like most other women I have a love for shoes that runs deep. Veryyy deep.

image1 (1)

Do you know of Freshly Picked? Well you should because they are one of the best kids shoes on the market. Have you ever walked around the mall and noticed that most baby’s or toddlers you see only have one shoe on? You know why? Its because shoes are seriously the hardest things to keep on baby’s/toddlers. Ever got home to only realize you’re missing a shoe? Kids pull, rub, and move so much that the shoes CONSTANTLY fall off. It is so annoying. I do not have that problem with Freshly Picked. It hugs my little ones ankles perfectly and I don’t have to play the find the shoe game.


You know the game. You buckle little Jonny in the carseat with two shoes on, you then drive to the grocery storeĀ and get out to unbuckle little Johnny and you see he has no shoes on so what do you do? You find the shoes, put the shoes back on, and put little Johnny into the stroller. You walk around the grocery store only to look at little Johnny only to notice he only has ONE shoe on. So what do you do? You retrace, find it, and throw it under the stroller lol.


The second most important reason I love Freshly Picked is because they care about the importance of the health of children. Baby and toddlers should be in soft sole shoes to allow the feet to develop naturally. Hard sole shoes are restricting and do not allow those little toes to curl.

image2 (1).JPG

The best part? They are ADORABLE. They come in so many great prints. We are slightly obsessed if you can’t tell. Hop on over to Freshly Picked and give them a try.

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