Winter Time Mom

Once again.. we had a day at home. I’ve found during the winter months our lives slow down. We’re in the house more. I had big plans today of going out on a grand adventure but I woke up and it was to cold to get out of bed. We layed around and made waffles. Then Kinley came up with an idea to make a town. So we pulled all of the play stuff into the kitchen and they set up their town. They had a restaurant, a store, and a house. So I guess today was an adventure. Just a different type of adventure.



Snow Day!

We finally got a bit of snow! Not much. Just enough to ruin our great plans today. I’m stuck in the house with these three all day…So whats a mom to do?! Pull out all her tricks…


Kinley woke up ready to head out. She loves playing in the snow. I am so thankful Addalyn and Ruby do not! This mama can gather together some Tupperware and utensils and sit and relax in the nice warm house.


Ruby likes to sit and eat the snow and Addalyn made a snow cake lol. Kinley shoveled the snow and then threw it at the window at them.


We did the normal math and reading for the day and decided to mix things up for science. Kinley learned about the lifecycle of a snowman. We’ve talked a lot about solid, liquid, and gas but this was an awesome experiment to demonstrate gas.


We started off with building a snowman and talking about how he was a solid.


She turned the burner on and our ‘little friend’ as she called him quickly became a liquid.


She then tried to catch him in the gas stage before he disappeared. Poof. Our little friend went from solid to a liquid and disappeared as a gas.


They were a bit burned out from painting pictures so I pulled out the tempera paint and dish soap and make window paint. All you do is add a squeeze of dish soap to a little bowl of tempera paint and Voila! Window paint!


Thats how we kept busy on this cold, cold, snowy, day!

What are your favorite kid activities for a snow day?

Indoor Fun Maryland

What’s there to do when the weather commands you stay indoors? Here are 10 fun indoor activities for kids.

16174471_1542430059119962_6235081022338177769_n (1)1. Head to Port Discovery in Baltimore for it’s amazing some fun

2. Try for a strike at one of Maryland’s numerous bowling alleys.

3.  Go beyond bowling at Dave and Busters, which also has cool games, billiards, and a restaurant to occupy some time.


4. Give rock climbing a try at Climb Zone. They have two locations and have bounce houses for the younger siblings not quite ready to climb.


5. Even if it’s too cold to skate outside, you still can twirl around an indoor ice skating rink.

6. Settle in for no-cost storytimes at the local libraries.. FREE



7. Let the kids get their crazies out at a local indoor trampoline park or bounce house.

8. Immerse yourself in all things fish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

9.  Get geeky at the Maryland Science Center. 

10. And if all else fails hit one of the many mall play places!


Today being MLK day I woke up at 6:28 to get tickets at the 6:30 release time for the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture.

Yes. 6:30 am.

To tell the truth I woke up because 1. The mesuem is AMAZING. And 2. Because their food is just as amazing.


The only place I’ve found that can do amazing real down home southern food.

We stuck with the creole coast today and went with the..

Duck, Andouille & Crawfish Gumbo, Carolina Rice, and Green Onions.
Gulf Shrimp & Stone Ground Grits, Smoked Tomato Butter, Caramelized Leeks, and Crispy Tasso.

Both were fantastic.

I have no clue how they get those grits so creamy. They’re the perfect texture.

Okay. Enough food talk.. back to the museum!


I suggest starting at the bottom on Concourse (C) as there’s usually a line for that exhibit. We chose not to do that exhibit today as it was MLK Day so crowds were heavy and that area isn’t navigated by stroller easily but still started with the Concourse (C) level to go to the contemplative court. Outside of the meusum there’s a large fish tank looking round area with seating. That’s actually the waterfall.


The waterfall is breathtaking. I would really love to get there super early on an off day to be able to really take photos without the crowds.



Then up we went to the culture galleries. As you walk in there’s a huge screen going in a circle above your head with a loop of a video. The video is beautiful. I can’t even begin to think what went in to making that. My absolute favorite part is that the end is the clip of Obama’s saying ‘Obama Out.’


The items that are displayed are inspiring. Addalyn loved the P-Funk Mothership.

“The P-Funk Mothership is one of the most iconic stage props in the history of popular music. The Mothership delivered an unmatched visual spectacle for the audience and represented the spirit behind P-Funks music. Figuratively, the Mothership emancipated the audience members and ‘transported’ them to a plane free from racism and earthly constraints – it remains a symbol of the liberating power of music.”


The only interactive area on the 4th floor is located at the back of the music side. There’s a wall to allow children to essentially make their own beats. Both girls (and Rashad) enjoyed playing with it.


We had a really amazing day and Kinley learned so much. I hope everyone had an amazing MLK Day!

– Mom out!

A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again. ~Enid Bagnold




A lazy weekend at home. We rarely have any lazy weekends but this winter has been a cold winter with a crazy outbreak of flu so we’ve been at home hibernating. I’m usually antsy to get out of the house but whats better than watching two of your favorite people set up in the living room doing a puzzle?